Farm to 


A digital and television documentary style advertising campaign to highlight the positive human impact of Dangote’s rice production in Nigeria.  

Art Direction


Web Design



Lead Designer



Rationale    ————

The campaign focused on the concept of farm to table, centring around an upcoming Nigerian chef and a local rice farmer who produces his ingredients. The campaign follows the chef on his journey to the farm, stopping off along the way to gather ingredients, culminating in the meeting of the two men, as they sit down to a meal that they both created. 

Visual concept   ————

The visual concept focused on a half and half visual treatment that illustrates the two sides of the story coming together. This was achieved in a playful manner through stop motion, digital interactions and collage. The campaign focuses on the faces of the two men, this decision was made as it reenforces the human aspect of the campaign and also because studies show that human faces gain far greater engagement than other subjects.

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