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5G Cloud


As cloud gaming is a relatively new and popular concept, W12 Studios were asked to Incorporate 5G cloud gaming into the Verizon offering and expand the overall gamer segment. Our goal was to promote and educate Verizon users on 5G cloud gaming, reimagine the browsing and checkout experience and create an engaging co-branded experience after purchase.




Digital Product design, UX, UI, Web design,

Motion graphics

W12 Studios Design Team

Design Director –⁠ Henry Proudlove

Product Designers –⁠ Emma Mealy, Keara Drumm

Junior Designers –⁠ Jenna Sung, Laura Patrini  

01  ————


Highlighting the Stadia offer initially, but creating a framework that can evolve into Verizon’s a multi-purpose hub for gaming offers and content. We created an interactive hub where Verizon customers can learn about 5G gaming, offers and games and Verizon packages.   

02  ————


We explored how a single configurator checkout experience across Verizon’s wireless and in-home products could create a simpler customer experience and encourage cross-selling.

02 Buy

Visual guidance

At any point of the journey, the user can clearly see what decisions have been made, and what’s next. This also caters for multiple entry points: service first, device second and offer third.

UX visual guidance
02 Buy

Focused selection

A space for where users can browse a curated range of products presented in a card system that can adapt to showcase Verizon’s diverse offering.

02 Buy

Considered interactions

03  ————


Before the customer can activate Stadia, we build excitement with a countdown to activation and a teaser for what’s in store.

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