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Adviser Platform

We were asked to create a future proofed transformative solution for Standard Life’s online support to financial advisers. The existing product was outdated and convoluted with key resources buried within the website. We needed to simplify the daily workflow for financial advisers and their teams, design innovative new features and create a one stop portal for all types of users.


Standard Life


Digital Product design, UX, Crafting User Journeys, User interviews, Research

W12 Studios Design Team

Design Director –⁠ Henry Proudlove

Senior Product Designers –⁠ Janina Schroeter 

Product Designers –⁠ Emma Mealy, Jenna Sung

Prototype developer –⁠ Andre Calvo

01 IA ————

Reimagined Information architeture

We defined an information architecture (IA) that structured and organised the product and determined how it relates to other Standard Life digital properties. We explored the most effective navigation models to best cater for both usability and scalability.

Group 60@2x.png
mindnode copy@2x.png
02 ————

User focused

Clients, advisors, paraplanners all with different goals, access to data, product knowledge and frequency of use, needed a solution that works and makes sense to them. We conducted user interviews to gain insight into the positive and negatives of the existing product and identify any pains that could be resolved with new features and UX and UI. We found the key use cases for each type of user and adapted the experience to put their needs front and centre.


"I need to serve more clients and keep all of them happy”


"I need to research and plan recommendations for the

product report”


"I need to support the overall business”

02 User focused

Financial Adviser

The financial adviser serves the clients above all else, so the Client profile serves as a one stop shop for all client information, documents and client specific actions. The adviser can easily access everything ahead of meeting and can easily carry out client specific actions, like creating a quote or client report on the fly. The adviser can also easily monitor and edit commissions and view business insights in the My business section.

Adviserzone Copy 2@2x.png
02 User focused


The admin can use the pipeline to monitor applications, upload documents and address any pending actions. The content can be filtered and customised easily and the colour coded system allows the admin to know the status of each pipeline item.  Permissions can also be set up to limit the admin access to sensitive content.

cross platform@2x.png
03  ————

Atomic design system

We outlined a set of design foundations and created a scalable design system aligned with Standard Life Brand guidelines using the Atomic Design Methodology. Designing atoms, molecules, organisms, templates and pages to create a detailed library of assets for 3 break points.

Group 55@2x.png
04  ————

Frictionless Hero journeys

We crafted hero journeys and epics based on the identified users. Reimagining some of the core functionality like introducing a step by step template for complicated transactions like fund switches and simplifying the experience.

02 User focused


Paraplanners support the Adviser, carrying out tasks such as fund research, maintaining client information and preparing plans and reports for client meetings. We created a fund centre where the paraplanner can search for funds, create portfolios and favourite individual funds. The paraplanner can drag and drop selected funds into an ecommerce style basket, where you can carry out key actions.

Adviserzone Copy 4@2x.png
Adviserzone Copy 3@2x.png

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