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Costa Rica

My choice,


A multiplatform campaign with a focus on engaging, creative and human-led content, "Essential Costa Rica, My Choice." takes viewers on a sensory exploration of the science behind wellbeing while showcasing the natural environment and local culture of Costa Rica.


Costa Rica Tourism Board


Advertising, UI, Web design, Art direction,

Digital illustration

CNN Create Design Team

Lead designer –⁠ Emma Mealy

Digital designer –⁠ Inez Torre

Producer –⁠ Danielle Lauren

Developer –⁠ Jasper Linsen

Concept    ————

Symbolic Illustrative islands were created to highlight the most exciting tourist attractions Costa Rica has to offer. The illustration style and colour palette were inspired by Costa Rican cubist art with a modern twist. Once an island is selected the user is taken on an immersive journey through the subject with interesting scientific facts and illustrations explaining how a trip to Costa Rica can improve your general wellbeing. 

The result   ——————

The campaign ran for 9 months with a new article added each month. The social posts were high in engagement and the project was Nominated for Best in Wellness at the International Travel & Tourism Awards 2018.

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