Louis Vuitton 

City Guide

An Interactive digital experience in which the user can explore various cities through the guise of a digital city view finder, designed to promote Louis Vuitton City Guide books and accompanying app.   

Winner of World Luxury Award 2017

Nominated for a LOVIE Award 2017

Art Direction


Web Design

Interaction Design


Lead Designer


Louis Vuitton

Rationale   ————

Allows the user to play with vintage mechanisms in a digital space

The concept of combining a view-master and city viewfinder allowed the user to immerse themselves in the culture of the cities in question in a playful exciting way. The idea of putting a coin into a digital city viewfinder and being transported to another world with audio and visuals is appropriate as it ignites the user’s curiosity of the unknown, while also allowing the user to interact and play with the vintage mechanism in a digital space. The user chooses their city coin of choice, drags and drops it into the viewfinder and is transported to that city. The user can change scenes of the city through navigating through the view master wheel at the top and also scroll to access teaser content from the City guidebooks themselves. 

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